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The way of registration of the necessary customs declarations through the intermediary – the customs representative or broker. In this case, LoTrans Group will assume all responsibility for customs clearance and clearance of goods. The advantage of this method is that the immediate presence of the customer at the customs post is not required. In the event that the customer or the customs document has limitations in the absolute correctness of processing documents for the goods, you should use customs clearance for importer’s seal.

LoTrans Group offer:

  • Professional representation of your interests in customs authorities;
  • High speed of cargo handling and minimized paperwork achieved through electronic declaration;
  • The wide geography of partner Temporary Storage Warehouses, including at the border, allows to optimize the logistics solution;
  • Priority customs clearance of goods submitted by a customs representative;
  • Financial and legal responsibility of the customs representative to counteragents by the customs authorities, fixed by insurance liability to third parties and bank guarantee.

You can always find out the actual cost of processing the declaration for the LoTrans Group print from our price list.

Basic list of documents required for customs clearance:

Charter, OGRN certificate, TIN certificate, documents confirming the powers of the General Director
A bill of lading for the transport of goods
Trade contract with a foreign supplier
Invoice for goods

View full list of documents for customs clearance.

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