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Customs clearance under our contract is carried out using the Digital Signature of LoTrans Group. In this case, you get the opportunity to go through the procedure for issuing declarations for goods remotely in the Electronic Declaration System (EDS), even without having your own Digital Signature.

In this case, the customs representative provides you with assistance throughout the declaration process, undertakes the study and preparation of transaction documents, the selection or verification of classification codes for goods, the preparation of a declaration for goods and other documents.

What you will get while working with us:

  1. Your organization do not need to register as a participant in foreign trading activity, there are no risks of penal sanctions from the foreign exchange control.
  2. Possible reduction of costs for customs clearance (the amount paid at the customs duty and VAT). Working under the supply contract, you do not overpay, only save your money.
  3. Process customs clearance “under your contract” is much easier and the broker has the ability to promptly resolve all arising issues, since his company is involved in design, whose authority at customs is earned for years, and no one is going to lose it.
  4. If you need to issue authorization documents (certificate, declaration, etc.) for issuing goods for free circulation, it is possible that the customs broker will have an existing document for your goods and you will not have to pay additional costs for its registration. If not, the broker will independently issue all necessary documents so you can save your time.
  5. When working under the supply contract, our company will send the goods to your address by the most convenient transport company for you.
  6. You receive goods with Russian documents, which is very convenient for your accounting.