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Carnet ATA is an international customs document that replaces customs declarations when transporting goods, which allows for faster and cheaper execution of documents for temporary importation of goods into the territory of the Customs Union, connected with holding fairs or in the form of commercial samples or professional equipment.

When using the ATA carnet, the importer is exempted from paying the necessary customs duties, taxes, deposits and other charges. In addition, when preparing this document, it becomes possible to transport goods to several countries within one year.

The service is provided for the goods of the following categories:

  1. Professional cinematographic equipment and equipment for press, radio and television, including optional accessories.
  2. Equipment for mounting, testing, starting, monitoring, checking, maintaining or repairing equipment or vehicles, etc.
  3. Equipment necessary for business purposes (for example, personal computers, audio / video devices).
  4. Medical devices and instruments.
  5. The equipment necessary for trips for the purpose of taking photographs (cameras of any type, cassettes, exposure meters, lenses, tripods, batteries, drive belts, battery chargers, monitors, lighting equipment, etc.).
  6. Goods intended for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, congresses or other similar events.
  7. Containers and other multi-turnaround containers.

Carnet ATA can not be issued for the following goods:

  • consumer goods;
  • disposable products;
  • goods intended for commercial use.