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A customs broker is a legal entity that acts as an intermediary
and on behalf of the client and on his behalf
deals exclusively with customs operations, without participating
in foreign economic contracts,
in the carriage of goods and payment.

Customs broker services:

– registers the customer as a participant in FTA at the customs post;
– concludes a bilateral agreement, one side of which is the broker himself, and the other is the firm of the customer (declarant);
– verifies the supply contract so that it meets all the requirements of the customs authorities;
– carries out the calculation of customs payments;
– checks and corrects the set of documents provided by the customer;
– deals with customs clearance.

Additional services that are provided by
customs broker:

– preparation of documents for the registration of the customer’s company at the customs post;
– registration of foreign economic contracts;
– registration of transaction passports for any banks;
– opening of bank foreign currency accounts;
– payment in foreign currency to a foreign supplier;
cargo delivery in Russia:

1) Choose the international transpot company;
2) Registration of the contract of transport services;
3) Control trucks positions;
4) Insure goods for the duration of the journey;
5) Control the shipment of goods to the supplier;
6) Control the availability and literacy of all compulsory customs, transport and other documents to accompany the goods at the time of departure of the goods from the producing country. There are cases when the initial documents that are issued when exporting foreign goods do not operate at the Russian customs;
7) Registraion documents for customs;
8) Collect a full set of permissions and certificates;
9) Carry out the classification of goods by TN VED. In Russia, as a rule, more accurate classification is carried out than abroad;
10) Do all necessary payments;
11) Responsible to the customer’s bank for foreign trade operations.

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