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A foreign trade agent is a legal entity that purchases goods abroad on behalf of the customer. The foreign trade agent also undertakes the organization of the delivery of goods to the territory of Russia, the registration of accompanying documentation and in all instances acts as a participant in foreign economic activities. Thus, with the help of the Foreign Trade Agent service, shipments from Europe and other countries of the world are no less complicated than the purchase of goods from Russian suppliers.

LoTrans provides a special service “Foreign trade agent”, which will allow you:

  • Reduce the number of necessary transport, customs and warehouse documents;
  • Significantly reduce the time and financial costs for the processing of transport, customs and warehouse documents;
  • Get services for transportation of goods at a reduced price;
  • Eliminate the need for direct communication with customs control bodies;
  • Reduce financial and transport risks;
  • Significant reduction in delivery times;
  • Reduced transport costs.

The service includes:

  • Coordination and signing of an external economic contract for the supply or a contract of sale with a foreign supplier on its own behalf.
  • Executes a transaction passport, if required
  • Produces payment for products to a foreign counterparty under an international agreement
  • Develops the optimal scheme of cargo delivery, select of international carrier
  • Concludes transactions with transport and insurance companies
  • Controls the process of shipment of goods by the supplier, the correctness of filling out shipping documents
  • Carries out transportation of cargo and control over the observance of delivery terms
  • Defines TNVED codes for products
  • Organizes receipt of permits for imports of imported products and prepares certificates for imports.
  • Calculates customs payments, fills out a customs declaration and conducts customs clearance of cargo
  • Carries out payment of invoices for delivery, customs clearance and storage of goods in temporary storage warehouses from their account
  • Reports to the bank on the currency transactions performed
  • Transfers the products to the customer
  • Executes all documents on foreign economic transactions

The service is provided on the following terms:

The amount of agency fees or commissions for a foreign economic transaction is negotiated with the customer for each specific case and depends on the complexity of the foreign trade transaction. The amount of agency fees is fixed in the contract concluded between the customer and the agent of foreign economic activity.

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