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FTA outsourcing
Outsourcing is the transfer by an organization of certain business processes or production functions to the service of another company specializing in the relevant field.

FTA outsourcing

FTA Outsourcing is a service that includes a wide range of services: search for suppliers, preparation and conclusion of the International Contract, purchase of currency and payment under the contract, currency control for our client, forwarding services, customs clearance of goods, delivery of goods to the client’s warehouse, transfer all necessary documentation.

Advantages of FTA:

  • Saving time and money for obtaining permission to carry out foreign trade activities and subsequent regular reporting.
  • Getting rid of the difficulties of passing customs procedures, certification, obtaining permits, etc.
  • There is no need to freeze your own funds for advance customs payments.
  • There is no need to create new jobs, attracting certain specialists.
  • The possibility of using the available human resources of the company for other tasks.

LoTrans Group will your Trade agent, assuming all risks and obligations for the implementation of import / export operations between you, your suppliers and partners.

Outsourcing FTA – Trade agent step by step:

To start working with us, you will need to sign an agency contract with us (or a commission agreement), next:

1. The customer is determined with a specific shipment consignment;
2. The client sends money to LoTrans Group (client’s actions complete on this operation);
3. We contact with your sender;
4. We agree and conclude an international contract with your sender for the delivery of the goods on your behalf;
5. We develop an optimal scheme for the delivery of goods;
6. Open / close the transaction passport;
7. Buy currency and pay under the contract to your supplier;
8. We provide transport to the place of loading;
9. Insure the cargo (optional);

10. We track the cargo all the way;
11. We carry out customs clearance of cargo, acting as importer for you;
12. Delivery cargo to your’s warehouse;
13. Transfers all necessary documentation for the sale of goods on the territory of the Russian Federation.

How much does it cost?

Cost of services – agency fee, % of the value of the transaction, from 1-9%. All costs incurred by EFG are re-allocated to our customers without mark-ups, all expended expenses are backed by invoices, thereby excluding our additional earnings on your money. The cost can be affected by the following factors: the cost of the invoice, the frequency of deliveries, the complexity of the proposed work. LoTrans Group is committed to long-term cooperation! For regular customers DISCOUNTS!

What you will get?

Applying to LoTrans Group, you get a whole department of foreign economic professionals for your company, namely: specialists in international finance and law, transport, foreign economic activity and customs legislation.

Having transferred all the business processes of LoTrans Group related to foreign trade activities, you release human and time resources associated with non-core risky activities and focus entirely on your business (increasing sales, improving production and technology, developing new markets, etc.). ). It is also necessary to understand that the foreign trade department is one of the most responsible, if not the most responsible department in the company. It can only be compared to Accounting. But how often do the employees of the accounting department have to communicate and prove their case in the tax service? And in the case of the department of foreign economic activity – with each delivery! Turning to us, DT to the customs authorities will be filed by the declarant of LoTrans Group, in the column the recipient of the goods will also be our company, hence all questions with customs regulation for you we.
LoTrans Group operates only in the legal field, optimizing the cost of foreign economic activity, not by violating the law, but by using the knowledge and many years of experience in the field. What ensures our clients the absence of seizure of cargo or its confiscation, when passing customs procedures, as well as carry out customs clearance of cargo at the real value of the transaction.

Also, let’s say the situation (often occurring). You have a cargo on terms FOB, EXW, etc. (the ownership right passes to you not in your warehouse, but outside the territory of the Russian Federation). Consequently, the entire responsibility for delivery, customs clearance of the cargo falls on you, or rather your department for foreign trade. It turns out that All the responsibility, for the fact that the cargo will leave while the goods are on the way, your department is responsible, and therefore your company. We suggest that you transfer these Business processes to the materially responsible agent! Who will be responsible for your cargo under the Contract
You do not have to make international currency transactions, so you do not have to go through currency control. Your company will not have any international activity at all. All for you we will do, and the cargo will be transferred under an agency agreement already on the territory of the Russian Federation. Accumulation of large sums monthly allows us to buy currency at the lowest prices in the market, and trust from the currency control allows us to perform this procedure painlessly.

The partnerships we have developed over the years with our contractors allow us to work with them on the most favorable terms. Thus, we are pleased to offer our customers the most competitive prices in the transport and warehouse services market. Recall that the cost of all our costs for the delivery of goods re-issued without any additional premiums.

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