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The success of an international transaction depends entirely on its good turn-based organization done by the Customs representative.


Customs clearance is a very important procedure. Incorrect cargo declaring may lead to a large number of negative implications such as a search, additional documents providing, customs value adjustment and other factors bearing on Customs processing. Our company offers help in cargo registration services. We are engaged in both equipment and primary and processed commodity groups of cargo. Registration done under the seal of the Customs representative, the choice of the payments and cargo transportation mode depends only on the client.

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Outsourcing is the transfer of certain business processes or production functions to another company maintenance in order to provide highly specialized services. FTA outsourcing is a relatively new service on the outsourcing market. It includes a wide range of services: the suppliers seeking, framing and conclusion of The International contract, currency purchase and payment under the contract, exchange control passing for the client, cargo transportation-expedition service, clearance of goods, delivering to the client’s warehouse, and transmission of all necessary documentation.

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Our company has vast experience in transporting goods. During our worktime, we have established business relations with the leading transport companies within the Russian Federation and near abroad. By using our service, you may reduce the delivery time, besides it will always supervised. International shipping require great responsibility and special treatment. Our company is ready to do all of the above for you quickly and qualitatively.

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There is a bill of the Russian Federation under which various products imported or exported should have a special certificate. You can see the full list in the transportation means regulations. The process of certificate obtaining in customs is a headache for many carriers. Our company not only take on all the delivery problems but also help taking certificates based on GOST R (1, 2, 3-types), Gosstroy, the SES report, registration documents and communication certificates.

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